Mixing Gastronomy With Technology: Serving Truffles On An iPad


In a world where Donald J Trump can be elected President of the United States, literally anything is possible. And this time around, a restaurant has taken serving up gourmet on the weirdest platter possible.

Ready to know what it is?

Quince, a restaurant in San Francisco with three Michelin stars, is taking it to the next level by serving truffles on an iPad! Yup, you read that right. No more delicate plating with silverware. Because that’s so 2016.

Out of all the ways you make use of your iPad, did you ever think you can eat off it? One of their signature dishes is called ‘A Dog In Search Of Gold’. It includes little white truffle croquets that are delicately placed on an iPad that plays a video of dogs hunting for truffles.

Quince chef, Michael Tusk was ask about this absurdity by Mercury News. His response: “Living in San Francisco for over 20 years, I have witnessed the tech boom and I wanted to combine a little bit of gastronomy with technology and a little bit of education.”

A Dog in Search of Gold by Quince

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Whatever does he mean? Well, he basically serves up this signature dish on an iPad with the video playing to teach patrons that truffles are farmed by dogs. Hounds or something are trained to search the wild, where they pick up the scent of this delicious (and mighty expensive) delicacy and then they are handpicked by the farmers. Big whoop. Did you not know this already? Ok, if you didn’t, just Google it or something. There, you get your answer without having to spend a penny or use your iPad as a plate.

And he doesn’t just bring the piping hot iPad to the table. The restaurant has actually asked a local artisan to supply custom boxes where the delicate Apple device is placed, ready to serve. Quince currently has 20 iPads on hand, just to make sure that guests are served up the right way.

So, how much does this outrageous dish cost? A cool $220! We suggest using your God-given thumbs to use an iPad, not cutlery!