Apple Participates In Black Friday + Awesome Deals This Weekend


Looks like Apple has decided that customers are on Santa’s Nice List this year. After sitting out of the Thanksgiving weekend shopping deal last year, the electronics giant are coming back to bring some much-needed holiday cheer to the budgeted shopper. Though they are a little tight when it comes to offer discounts on their products, on their website this year, Apple are offering gift cards worth upto $150 with every purchase of an Apple product. So, you will literally be “making a list and checking it twice” – buy a product at full price and then come back to buy another, using the gift card. Here’s how it works –

iPhone – get an Apple Gift Card worth upto $50 on SIM-free phones

iPad – get an Apple Gift Card worth upto $100 on select models

Apple Watch – get an Apple Gift Card worth upto $25 from the series 1 model

Mac – get an Apple Gift Card worth flat $150 on select models

This offer is for ONE-DAY only, that is, November 25, 2016.

Visit the Apple Store.

If that’s not joyful enough for you, then there are loads of other shopping opportunities to stuff the stockings of your loved ones. Get your card and get swiping now!


Our beloved go-to online store is celebrating Black Friday in a big way – they’ve got a special Black Friday page to ring in the shopping weekend. Apart from tremendous discounts on random products, they are also offering the Kindle at a $20 discount.


Yes! Maybe since 2016 has been as big a debacle for Samsung (ref: exploding phones), they are being a little generous with the sales. You can purchase used Samsung smartphones and other products, along with acquiring fresh gadgets for that inner geek through the Samsung Black Friday sale.


If you’re in the United States, and you’re a self-respecting human being, then you MUST take advantage of Target’s Black Friday sale. Their stores are some of the most crowded this time of year, and they’ve started their super-saver deals since Thanksgiving and plan to continue on to Friday night. Good news is that you can get the same discounts through their online store as well, and through their Cartwheel app. Their offers include $72 off on Apple Watches, $250 Gift Card with the purchase of an iPhone 7, huge discounts on movie franchise toys and other merchandise and so much more!