Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016 Is Here! Our Picks From The Holiday Gifts List

Oprah's Favorite Things 2016

No, you do not get a car. And you do not get a car. And NOBODY gets a car! But, Oprah is teasing our gifting side this holiday season by sharing with us her list of “Favorite Things”. Every year on the¬†The Oprah Show¬†the talk show host legend used to surprise her audience by not only telling us what products she came across and¬†loved¬†for the past year, but gave us serious, inspiring ideas on what to give our loved ones, so you’re not restlessly running store to store come Christmas Eve, looking for something that person would like. She has also been so generous that she shared these gifts with her entire audience, and all us TV viewers sighed in envy as random people got everything from Ralph Lauren sweaters to Apple iPods to yes, even a car each. How could we forget one of¬†the¬†most memorable moments in television history?!

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