Lisa Frank Hair is the Next Big beauty Trend on Instagram


If you love the rainbow colored hair look, then you have joined the thousands of Instagram followers who are just obsessed with Lisa Frank’s multi-coloured hair looks. We all love rainbow hair but some of us cannot get the colors right and the entire process backfires. Thank goodness there is one woman we can look up to and she is Hair Stylist, Caitlin Ford.

 “I love working with softer color palettes because it means I can use the gentlest measures to remove these colors should my clients change their minds later,” Ford.

 She makes it all look so easy with her unique combination of bright and playful colors. She has been the talk in Instagram and fans are slowly beginning to note an upcoming hair trend. This 90’s trend seems to be getting a lot of attention evidence being the flooding feeds on Instagram.

It’s basically just rainbow-striped hair, and it’s all over Instagram (#LisaFrankHair).

Not all Lisa Frank hair is created equal. “Keep in mind that these sorts of color designs are completely unique to the person who creates them and the person that wears them,” Ford says. “It will never be 100 percent the same, so be open to other interpretations of the Lisa Frank look.” Tbh, I’m open to all of them.

Here are some of the our favourite looks from the numerous styles.

The Unicorn Tribe

We simply love this style especially the way the full range of colors blend together giving the hair a unicorn look and feeling. This gorgeous looks takes us into fantasy land.

Pulp Riot Hair

 It is not as playful as the unicorn look but there is something about this style that makes women go ‘gaga’. Even though the hair has many colors blended together there is the dominant color that is noticeable on first glance.

Colour makes me HAPPY! ???? Extensions: @lizzislox // Starry Night Dress: @blackmilkclothing

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Lisa Frank Hair trend has gained a lot of momentum on instagram probably because the color combination of the dyes are both bold and fresh. The rainbow hair simply looks fantastic once the perfect mix is found. The best thing about this style is that the colors are not in your face bright. It is an array of rainbow mixtures that does not irritate the eyes but you can spend hours looking a it. Save all your dyes and shampoos because as we approach the holiday season we could all use a little bit of color. It is a colorful world after all isn’t it?