Now There’s A Secret Drink For Your Pooch!


    Starbucks is full of surprises. What with all their secret menus, rainbow drinks and drinks worth Instagram honorable mentions, it’s no wonder they would out-do themselves once again. This time around though, they have thought of your best friend and genuine companion you should be taking to the coffee shop with you always. That’s right, your furry pooch.

    They have something on their “Secret Menu” that will get tails wagging. Naming it the “puppuccino”, the drink comes in the size of an espresso cup and is filled with a sweet delicious, lickable treat for your dog – whipped cream! In truth, your pet would happily lick your drink when you’re not looking, anyways. But think about all the sugar and additives that are not good for Fluffy’s health. It makes sense, then, that the world-famous barista would come up with such a scrumptious idea.

    Someone is super excited about this cup o’ joy from Starbucks!

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    All you need to do the next time you go for a walk with your four legged baby on a leash, is request them for their Puppuccino and voila! Your doggie has a fun time too, as you sip on your frappuccino. The trend was brought to light by Kitsap Humane Society. A worker there by the name of Molly takes their rescued shelter dogs for a treat they truly deserve. The look on these precious faces is enough to confirm that Starbucks has gotten it right.


    Kitsap Humane Society is a non-profit charitable organization that finds homes for homeless pets. So any animal that has been abandoned by their owners, lost, hungry and afraid are taken care of by Kitsap until they find their forever home. Sometimes it can take weeks and months for someone to come forward and adopt them, but in the meantime they are given all the love that they need. And then some more. With a dollop of Puppuccino to go!

    Check out this candid face of cuteness, with whipped cream on top! *heart eyes emoji*

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