Grab Kat Von D’s Charity Lipstick Now!


She’s come a long way – from being known as one of the top tattoo artists in the biz, Kat Von D created a whole new artistic empire through her makeup collection in collaboration with Sephora. The stuff that she puts out is mesmerising – eye shadow palettes, studded lipsticks, everlasting eyeliners with names such as Trooper, Nosferatu, Underage Red, etc. she is here to stay as one of the most sought-after talented women in the world today.

There is one thing that stands out among all others when it comes to the makeup lines she produces and markets – they are all vegan and cruelty free. Kat herself has vouched for her sober living life, including cutting out all meats and caffeine, and chooses instead to live life mindfully and healthfully. She usually leads a busy life owning and managing her High Voltage tattoo studio and growing makeup empire that has literally reached almost every major city in the world.

If all of these achievements aren’t good enough, she has also started getting more vocal about the planet. Taking time off from work, we see her social media posts about her regularly visiting animal shelters, including one in California about seals. Now, she has extended philanthropy to a whole new level by mixing business with charity (a fantastic combination). Her latest release is a lipstick called Project Chimps, and as the name suggests, it has to do with protecting the primates of our planet.

From Kat Von D’s Instagram is a post about #ProjectChimps, where ALL proceeds in their sale will be going to “a chimp sanctuary dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating chimps from testing labs”. She further states that she has been spending time out in Georgia, working herself and seeing first hand the tireless work in preserving one of the most beautiful creatures we have on earth (and from whom we descended, according to Darwin). The shade itself is a juicy orange-red – and c’mon, who wouldn’t want to wear this! It looks beautiful and should suit anyone’s shade of skin and tone. Of course, the only sad part about this is that this particular shade is “limited edition” (we don’t know exactly what that means, like how many pieces are available in the market, etc.) but this is a great effort from a woman entrepreneur and we would love to see other businesswomen getting the same ideas. Keep it up, Kat!

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