How About Living Your Best Life Right Now?


Since the second phase of spiritual awakening has begun, there are numerous authors writing bestselling books on the power of NOW. Teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay are doing their bit to inculcate in people the power of living in the present and seeing life from a stress-free perspective. For many, this seems like a Utopian concept. Let’s be real – with loans, personal responsibilities and work tasks extending beyond the desk, how in the world do we have time to do anything else except do our best to fulfil a never-ending to-do list? Ok, but for the sake of mental peace and avoiding a total burnout, how about living your best life right now?

Learn To Say “NO”

You aren’t Superman. Nor Superwoman. So, trying to act like a superhuman is not going to make you feel drained in no time. Most of the time, the reason we take things on is because we want to feel dependable. We were taught that saying ‘no’ made us sound selfish. But think about it in this way: by being honest with yourself, setting limits and saying “Na-Ah”, we are giving our best to the stuff we said “Yes” to.

Let It Go

Or Shake It Off as Taylor Swift said. Do you remember something in the past that made you blow a gasket and feel like you will never get over? Well, you did! And you did good! Leave the past where it deserves to be: behind you. Did someone say something negative about you? Did you receive a bad report at work? Did someone you love just die? It’s difficult, but releasing it and accepting the fact you can’t change what has happened, you will feel mentally free.

Do Nothing

A workaholic couldn’t even imagine sitting and doing nothing. It almost seems like a sacrilege. But, even the best of the rest take time off to relax so they can gather their fuel after their TLC. Even a machine like a computer needs to rest time and again to work smoothly or it just might overheat and not perform like it should. If you feel like doing nothing converts to being useless, meditate. Think about what you’re thinking about. Or take a nap. One of those could never hurt.