Salmonella Scare Continues As Eggs Recall Raises Questions


Updated Trends: Salmonella Scare Continues As Eggs Recall Raises Questions

An out break of Salmonella could have affected thousands of people before some 380 million eggs were called back. Now what people are raising questions at is whether is it all right now to keep bacteria microbe, which has now become the most common bacterial illness found in the poultry.
Salmonella bacteria

The eggs have been recalled at a very large scale in the US, some 228 million eggs or some roughly 2.3 million dozens eggs.The Center of Disease Control and Prevention that if the eggs were not to be called back then there could have been a sure out break of Salmonella. It has been reported that some 266 people in California have been infected with it.

But still there has not been an out break, and the infected cases could belong to only one concentration of flocks that could be highly infected. But the fact is that Salmonella is present in the environment and even if we try to destroy an entire flock which is contaminated with Salmonella then still is a bright chance that some other flock can be contaminated from the environment.

Source: USA Today