Pateti Celebrations 2010 In The Parsi Community Today


Updated Trends: Pateti Celebrations 2010 In The Parsi Community Today

Today is the most important day of the year for the Parsi religion and the people belonging to this community, as they are celebrating the day of Pateti. Today, as per the Zoroastrian calendar, Pateti marks the New Year for the Parsi community. People visit the fire temple or the Agiary, and offer prayers there, plus they meet their fellow parsis and wish them on the eve of Pateti.
New Year Parsi

The day of Pateti falls in the month of Navorze, and some people wish each other as Happy Navroze. The President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil has wished all the brothers and sisters from the Parsi community, a Happy Parsi New Year.

The Parsi people celebrate this auspicious day in great valor as, they offer prayers to their dead and prepare a host of delicacies in their families. Sev, is the most important dish, which is decorated with dry fruits and ghee, is provided to guests and fellow Parsis on this day. Other delicacies also include Fish, and they make various other Parsi dishes to celebrate this day.

So We Wish All Our Parsi Brothers and Sisters A Happy Pateti, and a great Parsi New Year!!