Cross Border Violation As Pakistani Troops Fire On LoC


Updated Trends: Cross Border Violation, As Pakistani Troops Fire On LoC

Pakistani troops have once more violated the cease fire and have opened fired at the LoC once again. The Pakistani troops fired mortars and rockets on the Indian territory in the early hours of the morning. Brigadier S. Dua of the 16 Corps, stated that this is an ‘unprovoked act’.


The firing from the other side commenced at 01.00 am after midnight in the early morning hours.Resulting to this the Indian troops did not stand back, rather they took positions and started to counter fire on the Pakistani troops. There has been no casualties reported during the fire exchange.

This has become serious problem from the Pakistani side, as they commit such an act to cover the movement of militants entering from Pakistan to India. This the second time that the Pakistani troops have violated the cease fire, as prior to this they have done it on the 23rd of May this year.

Source: DNA