Michael Douglas To Undergo Chemotherapy For Cancerous Tumor


Updated Trends: Michael Douglas To Undergo Chemotherapy For Cancerous Tumor

Hollywood legendary star Michael Douglas has stated that he will be undergoing chemotherapy for his cancerous tumor which he had been diagnosed with recently. Michael has a cancerous throat tumor for which he is advised to undergo chemotherapy.
Michael Douglas

Michael showed no signs of nervousness, but rather stated that he will recovering very soon and will be fine. The chemotherapy procedure is scheduled to last for eight weeks, during the time he is expected to take complete rest.

Michael Douglas is one of the most known stars in Hollywood and why not, he has memorable performances in Basic Instinct and Wonder Boys. He is presently married to Hollywood actress, Cathrine Zeta-Jones. It is really sad to hear about Michael being diagnosed with Cancer, we all just wish him best of luck for his treatment and just hope he gets a full normal recovery.

Source: Daily Record UK