Earthquake Hits Mumbai Early Morning of 17th August


Updated Trends: Earthquake Hits Mumbai Early In The Morning of 17th August

It was early in the morning when the financial capital of India, Mumbai felt minor tremors. The news about this spread on the Internet like a wild fire and the people of Mumbai started to question, whether was a possible earthquake early in the morning of 17th August.

Testimonies from Mulund have stated that they have felt of what they experienced as an earthquake in the night. A resident from Panvel had to say that his head started to spin, and the worst part he saw stuff in house move. Was there a possible earthquake in Mumbai?

A resident residing in Mulund stated that he felt that his house was shaking and even his panicked wife stated the same. But the fire department of Mumbai stated that there has been reports of an earthquake in Mumbai and there has been no possible damage caused anywhere by the earthquake.

Source: New Relay