5 Daily Habits Keeping You From Getting Rich


Thomas C. Corley, the author of “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”, spent five years researching about the lives of both rich people and the poor people. In his context, rich people earn an annual income of $160,000 or more while the poor earn $35,000 or less. He then differentiated the habits of both categories which he detailed in his new book. This post will highlight the five daily habits keeping you from getting rich.

1. Gambling


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There is no shortcut to getting rich, you have to invest relentless effort, massive patience, and take an initiative. People who gamble are deluded into thinking that there’s a quicker way to getting rich. If you want to get rich, change this habit and concentrate on pursuing your dreams and goals.

2. Drinking too much alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol

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While you can take some wine or beer occasionally, drinking too much every day can impede you chances of achieving financial success. Excessive consumption of alcohol will affect your thinking and prevent you from thinking clearly. Besides it also add extra calories to your body. Ditch the habit and sober up, if you want to achieve financial success.

3. Having a circle of toxic friends

Toxic Friends

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Your circle of friends is a great determinant to achieving financial success. Negative people will never motivate you to take risk or venture into unknown business because all they see is a failure. You might be positive, but the small toxic words mentioned to you will slowly sink and make you a negative minded person with time.

4. Procrastinating


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Procrastination is the number killer of success. Even the most talented people fail to realize their full potential because of procrastinating things. Be decisive and take action at the right time. Procrastinating things or decision equals procrastinating your success.

5. Overspending

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Spending more than you can afford will surely land you into financial stress. Most of the poor people accumulate debt that exceeds their ability to sustain them. Overspending puts saving at balance, which means that you are creating long-term poverty, with no optimism of escape?

Change the above five habits and you’ll start noticing positive changes in your financial and time management.