10 Awesome things in the world this week

Photo Credits: https://mediapool.bmwgroup.com/cache/P9/201601/P90208723/P90208723-bmw-m760li-xdrive-exterior-bmw-individual-frozen-dark-brown-metallic-02-2016-2001px.jpg

From 3D printed bicycle to new vintage Land Rover, here are 10 awesome things in the world this week.

Arch 3D printed stainless steel bicycle


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By now you know 3D can perform miracles; however you have seen nothing until you interact with the bicycle created by Amsterdam University using a multi-axis stainless steel 3D printer. And no down payment please, it is not yet available for sale.

BMW M760Li x Drive V12


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Mercedes is known for luxurious, executive sedans with S-class, now BMW has changed all that with their BMW M760Li x Drive V12. It features a 600hp V12 engine that goes from 0 to 62 mph in3.9 seconds. The interior is decked out in luxurious diamond stitched leather and is so vast that it threatens to swallow you whole.

Ray Ward 28 bore Cadogan shotgun

For those who love fresh game, here is a stunning pair of double trigger side-by-side 28 bore Cadogan shotguns that will give you a fighting chance. Each of these has a 28-inch barrel with highly figured stocks and is the first pair of 28 bores Ray Ward has produced that feature engravings by London’s Peter Ashford. Pheasants, it is time to get out of the way.

Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth speaker


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If you love making a dramatic statement while giving your neighbors a tinnitus, get the enormous 37 kg floor-standing wireless speakers. It incorporates two, 8 inch drivers, is powered by a 230-watt amplifier and drops to rattling 30 Hz.

Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ320neo


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When you outgrow the Learjet, the next thing is to get stuck in the Airbus Corporate Jet. This latest model can carry more than 24 passengers to Hong Kong or LA nonstop. The plane has a cinema lounge, a dining area in the center and an office in the back.

24karat gold-plated Nintendo Entertainment system

24k gold plated nintendo

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If you are a gaming addict, you will not be disappointed with the 24 karat gold-plated revamp courtesy of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The unveiling of the console is set to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Nintendo’s all-time favorite, The Legend of Zelda. Priced at only $5000 or £3,550, the company intends to make 10 of these consoles, so hurry up and put your deposit down.

Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw projector


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While companies have sought to produce various projectors that need little space to operate, Sony has taken this to a whole new level. Without compromising on specs, they have designed a Portable Ultra Short Throw projector that can stream directly from your phone.

Secret Alpine shelter on Mt Skuta


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Climbers of the Skuta peak in Slovenia are in for a real surprise. Nestled on the picturesque part of the Kamnik Alps, is an architectural miracle designed by OFIS. The structure features a cabin with full length glass walls to enable visitors enjoy incredible views from a bird’s eye view. Now, if you thought the luxurious hideout is for the rich and affluent, think again. The cabin is available for any climber that passes along the route at no fee.

Land Rover series reborn


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Land Rover has decided to take matters into their own hands .In the year the company bade farewell to the Defender; they have reclaimed 25 of their off-road Series 1 model which started life in 1948 by restoring them to perfect bespoke condition.

Van Gogh’s bedroom available on Airbnb

Van Gogh

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Relax; it is not Van Gogh’s actual bedroom, just a recreation of his painting. The room has been built in honor of an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago and will host all 3 versions of the Bedroom painting. If you are keen on exploring it, you will have to fly all the way to the US to try it out.