US President Barack Obama Supports Mosque Plan Near The 9/11 Site


Updated Trends: US President Barack Obama Supports Mosque Plan Near The 9/11 Site

President Obama on Friday had shocked the American citizens by strongly supporting the plan of building a mosque near the site of 9/11’s Ground Zero. Reports say that the decision was¬† controversial because Muslim terrorists carried out the whole act of flying planes into the World Trade Towers and destroying it, after which the country’s views towards Muslims have since changed.

Ground Zero

At the White House, the President celebrated Iftar, a meal that breaks the Muslim fast that is observed for the whole day in the month of Ramadan. He stated to the officials in the White House that Muslims have equal religious rights to stay in this country which includes observing it also. So then as per the laws of the country one can build a place of worship on his private property any where he wants, which even includes the Local laws of Lower Manhattan.

Obama Mosque White House

But Rep. Peter T. King and many other relatives of the 9/11 victims urge people  not to support this thought of President Obama, stating that, it is not good for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the area of ground zero, as they are directly offending the feelings of the people who are connected to the 9/11 incident. It is true that the Muslims do have a right, but by building a mosque near ground zero will be a direct abuse towards the people and the victims of 9/11.