5 main benefits of Pilates

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One issue people seldom think about occurs exactly after they choose to get in (or back in) shape. After that eye-opening moment when you say “I’ll go exercise every day!” you quickly realize that you have a lot more options than you initially thought. You start researching whether you should start biking, or running, or a team sport, or maybe gymnastics … going to the gym, lifting weights, comparing all these plus a couple more, before you call it a day and decide to start tomorrow.

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Today, we want to talk about a choice people usually don’t consider, but really deserves more attention. Here are some reasons why you should definitely consider Pilates:

1. Little to no special equipment required

If you practiced a sport before, you know how expensive quality equipment can be. Pilates requires little to no initial investment – gym clothes (which you probably already have, or can use old clothes you no longer wear) and some shoes. That’s it.

2. Pilates works the whole body

You won’t be neglecting any body parts through these exercises, and not only will you get into shape, but your body will also develop in a balanced manner.

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3. Increased flexibility and core strength

Pilates won’t only ensure you look better, but it will also increase your flexibility, strength and core strength, turning you into a better athlete.

4. Adaptable to all fitness levels

One of the main advantages of Pilates is that it isn’t designed for a particular group of people: neither for the fit ones trying to build muscle, nor for those just starting. Pilates exercises can be easily adapted to fit any type of fitness level.

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5. Additional benefits

The main side benefits of Pilates are the fact that these exercises also correct your posture and give you more energy for other activities. Posture is a great issue in our current corporate world, as sitting 8 hours / day on a chair will surely ruin it sooner rather than later.

We hope we’ve convinced you to give Pilates a try, and also hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we think you will!