Uber opens 2000 jobs in Chicago

Uber has become serious in terms of investment and has opened 2000 jobs in Chicago


American multinational transportation company Uber has opened employment opportunities in Chicago. The company has planned to open a new office in Chicago and add 2,000 people to its area workforce over the next three years. The office will be the official place for the company’s freight business and a related engineering hub.

Uber already has about 1,300 workforce in Chicago and some also on the ride hailing unit but most of them are working on freight. The company makes use of the company’s app technology to link shippers with trucking firms and Uber gets a fee in return. The new unit has been divided in to Chicago and San Francisco. The company wanted to consolidate it in Chicago and due to the transportation logistics expertise in the area.

The transportation company said that it has signed a ten year lease for the office in the Old Main Post Office in the Chicago River area. Uber in a statement said that it plans to spend more than $200 million a year in the Chicago region in terms of personnel, real estate and other expenses.

The freight service was launched in 2017 while it connects the truck drivers with shippers, much in the same way the company’s ride-hailing app pairs the drivers with those who are looking forward for a ride. However, the truck industry is not an obvious place for Uber to direct its resources. There has also been a shortage of truck drivers over the last few years and the experts are noting that there are not enough truckers to keep up with the demand. This has also led to the softening of the market and the pries are also dropping overall. But some of the top executives from Uber say that the Freight division shows promise as it also showed a growth in Q2 despite soft market conditions. Uber is now continuing to lure drivers to its platform with the help of the techniques like perks and bonuses.

Photo Credits: Pixabay