Spirit Airlines to add comfortable seats in middle as well

Spirit Airlines is all set to upgrade its seats which will be wider and more comfortable


American low-cost airline Spirit Airlines, is known for their big customer service push which are more than their cheap tickets. The airline is now all set to add comfier seats in the upcoming fall. Spirit Airlines announced on September 9, 2019 that it will have more usable legroom with a thicker cushion seat that will be comfortable for the travelers who are stuck in the middle. The new seats will now have an extra inch of width.

The airline said that the Spirit seats do not recline but come with a pre-recline and that the pre-recline will grow by an inch more in the exit rows. Spirit is also giving up its tiny tray tables for the full size ones. It is also updating the color inside the plane from navy to its trademark black and yellow. The airline will have roomier Big Front Seats at the front of the plane while Spirit’s faux first class will also be getting an upgrade with memory foam cushions and headrests.

Ted Christine, the CEO of Spirit Airlines said that the upgrades are the latest step in the project known as “Invest In The Guest” which is a series of upgrades that will include fleet wide in-flight Wi Fi by late 2020 or early 2021. Spirit offers cheap tickets and charges extra for any extras and that includes a seat alignment and water. At the same time the airline is not abandoning it’s a la carte model and is also not trying to become the next Delta but is in the midst of a transformation to change travelers’ perceptions of the carrier.

Christie in a presentation to airport and airline executives in Las Vegas last month said, “We think we can deliver low fares, low costs and high quality”. The new seats from Spirit’s manufacturers will be introduced on the new planes arriving in November and throughout 2020. The airline is yet to decide if it is going to decide whether it will retrofit planes with the new seats that would be a pricey proposition.

Photo Credits: Pixabay