Deadly Smog Continues To Blanket Moscow, Russia


Updated Trends: Smog Continues To Blanket Moscow, Kills People

The smog which has been formed due to the recent Russian forest fires has blanketed Moscow completely. The number of people who have died in city due the ongoing heat wave has doubled and the death toll has reached to 700, as Moscow enters the seventh week of the Heat wave. Around 50 people have already died due to the forest fires in Russia.

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The heat in Russia has destroyed as much as 30% of the food crops in the field and the rest due to the fires. People around the city are dying due to the smog inhalation too, and specially old citizens. Main causes of death come due to the failure of the heart.

People are fleeing from the city to get away from the smog and the heat wave. People who have come to the city are paying more than $100 to $200 a day to have air conditioned hotel rooms. The air pollution in the city has literally double in the past weeks. The Smog has caused severe problems in visibility and sun light penetration in the city of Moscow.