4 Accessories not to be worn at office


Every office environment has a particular dress code and it is a common thought and understanding that certain clothes like short skirts or low cut blouses are a no no at work place. Here are a few accessories you must avoid wearing at work place.

office accessories

1. Bright jewellery – Bright and bold jewellery are not meant to be worn at work place as they might look odd and you can look out of place. Fancy jewellery can be worn at cocktails or any formal dinner event.

2. Fancy lace stockings – Most of the work environments are conservative and it is advisable to wear only certain stockings which have small in pattern but very lacy stockings are not at all recommended at work place.

3. Very high heels – footwear with platform pattern can be recommended but very high heels can make you feel uncomfortable and anything above 3 to 4 inches must be avoided. High heels are supposed to be worn at formal events and not at workplaces where you might need to run around between cubicles.

4. Big chandelier earrings – Office is not a place to show off loud jewellery so large chandelier earrings are a no no in office. Apart from making you stand out among the staff, they can also distract or disturb you during work.

Photo Credits: adomonline