4 Activities to engage kids on a rainy day


    Instead of saying ‘Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day’ there are several activities which can be done by children on a rainy day. Here are a few activity ideas for children who are stuck in the house on a rainy day.

    1. Bring in the outdoor games – Not literally but you can have a game of basketball with a soft ball or just some wrapped up newspaper. The hoop can be any random basket and allow the kids to throw the ball from different parts of the room.

    2. Talent show – Gather a group of children and they can surely have something to show off. Set up a stage in the room with some lights and let the show begin. After concluding, distribute small gifts or chocolates to the performers to make them feel good about their performances.

    3. Indoor volleyball – Get some blown up balloons and begin a game of volleyball with the balloons in the room. You can also use paper balls if you don’t have balloons at home.

    4. Indoor games – Make sure that you have plenty of indoor games in your shelve. There are various game options like Business, Life, Twister and many such games which can be good ones to engage the kids on a rainy day.

    Photo Credits: kidsvancouver