4 Misconceptions about cruise ships


Several travellers prefer cruise shipping for a holiday. Cruise ships can be a great way to enjoy with a family or for couples. There are many misconceptions about cruise ships and here are a few to be listed.

1. Cruise ships are overcrowded and lacks space – People who say that you will not find ample space on a cruise ship are wrong. However, a ship with more than 3,000 people onboard can seem a bit crowded. But cruise ships these days are well managed and management takes care that it does not get overcrowded.

2. Seasickness – Many travellers fear they might get seasick while on a cruise. But the fact is that the cruise ships which are designed these days are quite stable and seasickness can be a rare thing. Even if you are prone there are several remedies to avoid such symptoms.

3. Cruise ships can be boring – The cruise ships these days are designed so, to include numerous facilities and activities for the passengers onboard as they will not have any other option than to stay on the ship itself. Everyday you can find some or other activities on the ship including gyming, aqua zumba, dancing, learning computer skills, entertainment programme in Las Vegas style and more.

4. Cruise ships fares are all inclusive – Beware of the fare that you are paying for the holiday on a cruise ship. The basic cost will only include the accommodation, traditional cruise facilities including swimming pool and entertainment. But you will have to pay for all other extras like wine or bottled water.

Photo Credits: frontierlandstation