4 Side effects of garlic


For years garlic has been used as a harb to flavour food. In recent times, the importance of the herb has increased due to its medicinal effects. However, not many know that this herb can also have a few side effects. Here are a few side effects of the herb to be kept in mind next time you bring it in use.

1. Not good for breast feeding and during pregnancy – Garlic can be had in normal amounts when taken in food. But it can be unsafe if taken medicinally during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. It is better to avoid having garlic during pregnancy during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

2. Digestion problems – Garlic has the capacity to irritate the gastrointestinal tract. make sure that you have garlic in normal amounts so that it does not lead to digestion problems.

3. Lowers blood pressure – Garlic can be good for people who have high blood pressure. But people who already have low blood pressure problems must avoid having garlic. It can further lower the blood pressure.

4. Bad odour – Garlic has a strong odour and can create a bad odour. If taken by mouth it can cause bad breath and also a burning sensation in the mouth or stomach.

Photo Credits: thenourishinggourmet