4 make-up tips to hide spots on face


As the age increases, women’s skin goes through various changes. Wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation on the face can look unpleasant and make up can be a great way to hide these marks. Here are a few make-up tips which can help you to hide the spots and marks on the face.


1. Do not ignore the ears – When you are applying make-up on the face, we often tend to forget the ears. The face can look completely different from the face if you do not apply any make-up on the ears. Just a small pinch of foundation and a small stroke of brush can do the magic.

2. Use a primer – When you are suffering from a sunburn or redness on the skin, apply a primer on the face before applying the foundation. Primers help to cut the noticeable redness on the face.

3. Do not ignore the neck area – This is the biggest mistake many people make. Neck and chest area have to be covered when you apply make up. Make sure that you blend a foundation in the neck area so that it properly matches with the color of the face and also help to hide the marks and make your make-up look even.

4. Apply concealer – A concealer is a great make-up accessory which helps to hide the ugly spots on the face. This is easily available in the market and make sure that you buy a concealer which matches with your skin tone.

Photo Credits: beautyglimpse