4 Ways to give your kitchen a new look


    Kitchen is a place which constantly needs upgradation with new kitchenware and appliances being added every time. Giving the kitchen a new look can be challenging and expensive too. But here are a few tips with help of which you can give a new revamped look for the kitchen.

    revamp kitchen

    1. Some new lighting – Just change a few lights and concentrate on some of the dark sides of the kitchen. Dark corners in a kitchen make it look smaller. Bring in some lights and see you new upgraded kitchen.

    2. Additional counter space – Add a new counter to your kitchen which might be at the centre. Kitchen space is always useful for people who cook as we always need plenty of space and utility. This has to be done carefully by examining spaces available for kitchen space.

    3. Give the walls a new color – To give it a new look change the color of the walls and go for a lighter shade as dark colors can make the space look cramped. Make sure that you cover all your cabinets and doors to avoid paint splashing on the cabinets.

    4. Decorative objects – There are numerous decorative objects which are available for the kitchen. These decorative objects are inexpensive make the kitchen look better.

    Photo Credits: telegraph