Cloudburst Causes Major Flash Floods In Leh, Kashmir


Updated Trends: Cloudburst Causes Major Flash Floods In Leh, Kashmir

Mother nature seemed to had lost her temper over Leh on the night of Thursday, as massive flash floods hit the city of Leh in the Ladakh region of Kashmir. Sources have said that at least 59 bodies have been recovered from the flooded areas in the state. But the officials have stated that this toll may cross 100.  As per the sources a series of major cloudbursts occurred of the town of Leh, but the main area which was the worst hit was the town of Choglumsar, which is some 13 kms from the city of Leh.

For the moment, as many as 59 bodies have been recovered, which include the bodies of three CPRF Jawans. Mr. Kuldeep Khoda, DGP of Kashmir stated the officials have started a massive search and rescue operation across the state. It is also reported that some 50 CPRF Jawans have been rescued from the flooded areas.

Leh Flash Floods

Leh was never prone to floods, but looking at the situation what occurred on Thursday night it seems that nature had different temperament stored for Leh.  Major road link to Leh and it surrounding areas have been cut off, and the Leh airport runway has been affected tremendously. All flights scheduled to Leh have been cancelled. The IAF is conducting aerial flights to assess the damage caused by the floods.

Source: IndianExpress