Assassination Attempt On Iran’s Leader President Ahmadinejad


Updated Trends – Assassination Attempt On Iran’s Leader President Ahmadinejad

An Iranian website has stated that there has been an assassination attempt on their President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The attack took place near his convoy by a handmade grenade, but the Tehran News media denies these claims.
ahmadinejad attack attempt

Some other reports came in from Iran that the explosion which took place was a firecracker and nothing else. The website, has reported the event, and stated that the grenade exploded some 100 meters away from the President’s convoy. But it was confirmed that the explosion has not harmed him.

The local police arrested a person in this case, but as of now no information has been recovered. The explosion caused a lot of smoke to rise, but no one has been harmed. The English TV news media of Iran has reported, that there ‘has been no such attack’ on the convoy of the President, even the President’s office has reported that no such attack has taken place.