Giant Solar Tsunami Moving Towards Earth


Updated Trends -Giant Solar Tsunami Moving Towards Earth

Earth satellites and many scientists have predicted that a giant “Solar Tsunami” is due to hit earth’s atmosphere by the night of Tuesday or Wednesday. The solar tsunami is a giant cloud of heated plasma that is moving towards the earth’s atmosphere.

solar tsunami

These plasma clouds contain ionized atoms that react strongly when they come in contact with the earth’s atmosphere and the envelope of magnetic field that surrounds the earth. The threat that these tsunami or flares can cause, is that they can cause telecommunication interruption on the satellites, and also produce auroras in the sky.

Aurora’s in the sky will be a spectacular sight but it is hazardous at times. The sighting of Aurora’s in places except the poles will be an unbelievable sight. But we have all our fingers crossed, that this solar tsunami would not cause deadly harm to our atmosphere and the satellite communication system.