3 Easy ways to treat passive smoking


If you have too much exposure to second hand smoke, you can begin with some steps to treat passive smoking effects.

Passive smoking, also known as, second hand smoking or an exposure to tobacco environment, has been proven to lead to various health hazards and an increased risk of lung cancer, heart ailments and other diseases related to the respiratory system. Here are a few ways to treat passive smoking.

1. Exercise – Regular exercise helps regulate blood circulation in the body and also improves lung function. Early morning is the best time you can exercise outdoors in a natural environment, where you can breathe in the fresh air. Brisk walking or jogging is recommended, which increases the oxygenation of blood and helps the lungs to heal fast.

2. Home remedies – There are several home remedies which can treat passive smoking conditions. A cup of green tea, which contains licorice and mullein, can be beneficial. Have this herbal tea early morning on a regular basis, as it is good for any hardened mucus in the lungs. Even a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric can do the magic. A glass of milk every evening too can help clear the respiratory system.

3. Healthy diet – Give up junk food and indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This helps clean the system and removes all harmful toxins in the body. Berries and tomatoes are also good as they have anti-ageing properties and help treat passive smoking.

Photo Credits: huffpost