4 Preventive measures against Ebola


A few preventive measures against Ebola can keep the disease at bay. Find out what they are.






The Ebola virus is a disease which spreads through direct contact with infected humans or animals. The infection can also occur by way of direct contact with a recently contaminated place or surface. Here are a few preventive measures against Ebola you can take to stay away from the infection.

1. Wash hands frequently – Make sure to wash your hands as frequently as possible, especially after you return from outdoors or from a public place like a mall or a hospital. Use a liquid handwash which contains phenol or a an antiseptic soap.

2. Avoid direct contact with sick people – You cannot predict if a person is infected, so avoid any direct contact with body fluids like sweat, blood or saliva. People who are infected with Ebola can be more contagious in later stages of the disease.

3. Employ protective measures – In terms of healthcare, wear protective clothing, masks and gowns whenever essential so that you are protected against any infection. Also make sure to dispose off any used needles and other instruments.

4. Avoid traveling to breakout places – Africa is a place which is booming with the spread of the Ebola virus. Avoid traveling to affected countries where you know the virus is thriving.

Ebola does not have any treatment so far, with a few experimental drug and vaccines that are yet to be proven safe for use. So it is better to be careful of the disease as it has a high mortality rate.

Photo Credits: gigaom2