4 Strategies for anger management in children

anger management children

Learn how to tame your child’s temper through these simple anger management skills.

Nobody likes a child who throws a temper tantrum. Anger management as a technique is becoming popular among parents with young children and toddlers. Tantrums are known to children as a way of self expression and also as a way of declaring their independence. Here are a few ways by which some anger management skills can help your child.


1. Make them understand other’s perspective – Even at the age of three children can tend to show off their temper. Under such circumstances, it is essential that they are made to understand other people’s perspective as well. This can be done by giving a few easy instances or examples as per their comprehension.

2. Isolate – The moment you come to know that your child is getting irritated by a particular person or an object, isolate him/her. This deviates the child’s mind from the person/object.

3. Teach your child to calm down – There are many calming strategies that can be taught to children. Some of the simple techniques include deep breaths, distraction or drinking a glass of water.

4. Make them learn compromising techniques – Anger management is mostly applied when a child becomes adamant. Children can be taught to make compromises or learn to meet their expectations half way. This can also help the child to have a cap on their temper.

Photo Credits: southeastpsych