4 food additives dangerous for health


When it comes to food additives, there are 4 that you should avoid.

The food industry has been using food additives since years, as they help enhance the food’s appearance and also increase its shelf life. Here are few of the food additives which you can avoid, as they can cause severe consequences to health.

1. Food color – Artificial food colors, also known as food dyes, are found in soda, salad dressings and some fruit juices. Such ingredients can cause behavioral issues in children and also reduce their IQ levels.

2. Trans fat in processed food – Processed food often has trans fat, which increases the shelf life of products, especially the ones which are deep fried. These can also increase bad cholesterol levels as well as the chances of heart attacks.

3. Amino acids – One of the most common amino acid used in soups and salads is monosodium glutamate (MSG). High doses of MSG can over-excite body cells to the point of damage and can also result in death. It is usually found in Chinese food, chips, cookies, seasonings and frozen products.

4. Sugar free – Artificial sweeteners can be found in products which are tagged as ‘diet’ or ‘sugar free’. They contain aspartame, which is reportedly carcinogenic and can be more harmful than other foods and food additives.

Photo Credits: cloudfront