4 Ways to grow a beard faster


Unable to get the beard you really want? Try these 4 simple steps to help grow a beard faster.

Do you long for a lush crop of facial hair? Or does your beard come in patches, worse, is too scant? It requires patience and determination in achieving a full grown beard. However, it is not just time that you need on your side, but genetics and health as well. You can grow a beard faster by taking a few steps at home.

1. Follow a balanced and healthy diet: Facial hair growth may largely depend on what you eat, other than just plain old good genes. A good amount of vitamins and minerals, as well the use of supplements could help promote a faster and denser growth. However, it is advisable that before you begin, you consult a doctor.

2. Take plenty of rest and exercise: Yes, beard growth also depends on your overall body health. It is essential to eat well and stay healthy, while also ensuring plenty of rest for your body, so that it does not exceeds its physical capacity.

3. Apply other external agents: Eucalyptus oil is known to be a very good topical agent which can be applied externally to promotes beard growth. Massaging with Eucalyptus oil can help to remove dead cells which helps the facial hair to grow faster.

4. Medical help: If none of the above remedies work then you can always seek medical help. You can consult a plastic surgeon who can suggest what you can do. Beard growth also depends on testosterone levels, so a physician can suggest a testosterone therapy, which has to be closely watched.

Photo Credits: hellomagazine.com