Top 5 health benefits of Pistachios


Much on them guilt free! Learn about the health benefits of Pistachios.

Queen of Sheba loved it and so did Jesus! Yes, pistachios and their history date back to 700 B.C when the fabled King Nebuchadnezzar ruled in Babylon. Pistachios are one of those rare food items that find mention in legends and fables. 

health benefits of Pistachios

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What are pistachios?

Pistachios aren’t nuts! Often mistaken for nuts, pistachio nuts belong to the cashew family and are actually the seeds of red and yellow fruits. These fruits resemble plums and once their flesh is removed, what we get is the pistachio “nut”.

Pistachios also go by the names of – the smiling nut (Iran) or the happy nut (China) and are native to Asia, particularly Iran, Syria and Iraq.

Here are the top 5 health benefits of pistachios.

1. Diet nut – Nuts are often demonized by calorie counters and weight watchers as they have a high calorie content. However, according to studies, pistachios have the least amount of calories when compared to cashews etc; one ounce of pistachios contain 160 calories.

2. Aids dry skin – Pistachios have a good level of healthy saturated fats that help prevent dry skin. 

3. Good for digestion – Pistachios have a high level of dietary fiber which aid in proper digestion of food. One ounce  (30 grams) of pistachios contain roughly 3 grams of dietary fiber. 

4. It has aphrodisiac properties – Studies have linked pistachios to sexual potency and vitality in men. Erectile function is known to be directly related to the consumption of pistachios. No wonder it was a favored fruit of powerful kings and royalty!

5. Helps in absorption of iron – Pistachios contain great amounts of copper which is an element that aids the absorption of iron in the body. Hence, anemia patients can opt for pistachios as a part of their daily diet. 

The best pistachios are the ones with shells on them as the shells act as protective covers shielding the nuts from any kind of infection or pollutants.