Russia Provides New Laws To FSB – Strengthens FSB Hold


Updated Trends: Russia Provides New Laws To FSB – Strengthens FSB Hold

Russia has now expanded the powers of the Federal Security Service or the FSB secret police, after issuing a new powers to it, which alarmed human rights activists. As per the new rules or laws, a KGB successor can officially go and warn a suspected citizen who he may feel would commit some crime. And if this warning is given a deaf ear or tried to discard it, the person may face 15 days in detention.


What has triggered the Human Rights Activists against the government, is that they feel that the FSB has been given preference above the law. President Dmitry Medvedev personally signed the amendments which provided the FSB with the Liberty, but later it was followed with a strong debate.

The speaker of the Upper House, Sergei Mironov, stated that the FSB already had a lot of powers to constitute with. The Human Rights had urged Mr. Medvedev not to sign the amendments, as the it would be vague to the citizens of Russia. The activists stated that these very powers were ruled out long ago, when KGB had them.