5 amazing health benefits of mustard


Mustard isn’t only a sandwich spread, it has surprising health benefits.

Mustard as a spice has been around sine time in memorial. It is proven to be beneficial for people with diabetes and also works as a body detoxifier. Mustard can be found in many varieties and its taste can range from mild to pungent.

health benefits of mustard

Here are a few health benefits of adding mustard to your daily diet.

1. Treatment of psoriasis – Psoriasis is a chronic skin problem and tiny mustard seeds can be effective for its treatment. Many studies have mentioned about its effectiveness in curing inflammation related to psoriasis.

2. Heart health – Using mustard oil for cooking can be healthy for the heart. Mustard has Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for a healthy heart due to its cardio-protective properties.

3. Pain killer – Mustard is known for curing pains and even spasms. Plaster made from mustard seeds can be used to cure pain. It has rubefacient properties and hence, can be applied as a plaster.

4. Good for skin and hair – Not many know that mustard can also contribute to skin and hair health. Boil mustard oil with henna leaves, it can be a great cure for acne and gives a clearer complexion.

5. Reduces cholesterol – Mustard plant leaves have properties which can help to lower cholesterol. Mustard greens have high nutritional content and help in reducing the development of artery blockages.

Photo Credits: todayifoundout