5 safety tips for an outdoor barbeque


Enjoy a good outdoor barbecue, but keep in mind a few safety tips.

Who doesn’t love some earthy flavored beef dripping with juicy goodness! An outdoor barbecue on a spring weekend might seem like an ideal retreat, however, you need to take some precautions to avoid major mishaps that are caused by outdoor barbecues each year. 

outdoor barbecue

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Here a 5 safety tips for avoiding an outdoor barbecue disaster.

1. Read the manual – Don’t try to be the Mr. know-it-all and assume that your new grill whether charcoal, gas or a smoker works the same way as your previous one.

Always read the instructions manual as it gives you important information about the grill’s mechanics and precautions that  must be taken. If you have managed to lose the manual, then try the manufacturer’s website, there ought to be a manual there.

2. Keep a fire extinguisher handy – Even if you’ve had a clean record in terms of outdoor barbecue fires, keep a fire extinguisher nearby, you never know when you might need it. It is very easy for fire to spread and by the time you can go fetch that bucket of water, it might be too late.

3. Take care while using charcoal grills – Charcoal grills are slightly tricky as you need the right amount of ignition for the charcoal to get burning.

Two tips to follow while cooking with a charcoal grill – 

  • Do not pour any light liquid onto the fire.
  • Never use an indoor location for charcoal grills as the fumes produced are carbon monoxide and can be extremely toxic if indoors.

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4. Clean your grill – One of the most common reasons of barbecue fires in the backyard is accumulated grease beneath the grills. Flare-up fires are given more impetus because of the grease that is involved while barbecuing. A pile of grease can easily accumulate beneath the grill after a few cooking sessions. Hence, always clean the grills post a cook out session.

5. Check equipment for gas grills – Gas grills require to be connected to a propane tank, make sure that the tank is stored in a proper upright position. Also, check for cracks or tears in the gas tube, such damage can cause leaks. 

Barbecue away, but keep  safe!