4 Foods to be avoided by migraine sufferers


Migraines suffers beware of certain foods.

Migraine can be defined as a chronic neuro disorder, the symptoms of which include frequent severe headaches. These are caused due to a combination of genetic as well as environmental factors. Here are some migraine inducing foods that should be avoided by people who suffer from this health issue.

Migraine. Young attractive woman with an awful migraine

1. Stale food – Stale food or food that is left over can have tyramine content which can increase overtime when the food is not properly stored. People who suffer from migraine must avoid any stale or leftover food. Special attention has to be taken at parties and restaurants where food is often refrigerated.

2. Liquor – Migraine sufferers beware of alcohol or drinks which have high alcohol content. Red wine, Beer and other drinks can have a huge amount of tyramine which is one of the dangerous contents that has the ability to trigger migraines.

3. Preservatives – These days there are several processed foods which contain preservatives so that they can be stored for longer. When buying preserved food make sure that you read the contents carefully and make sure that they do not have any sulfite content.

4. Artificial sweeteners – Artificial sweeteners which are commonly used by people who are diabetic, have contents which can trigger migraine. They can also be present in some diet drinks, sugar free candies and lite yoghurt available in the market.

Photo Credits: itriagehealth