5 health benefits of Dates


Health benefits of dates you were unaware of.

Usually associated with the arid exotic deserts of the middle east, Dates are packed with truckloads of health benefits. The middle east consumes tones of this brown chewy sweet fruit and the west too is now reaching out for a date more often than before.

health benifits of date

Here are 5 health benefits of dates that will surprise you.

1. Boosts energy – Feeling a bit under the weather? Pop a few dates and you will be ready to go. Dates are an instant source of energy because they are packed with high amounts of natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose. 

2. Weight gain – All those looking to achieve the rare target of weight gain, dates are your ideal snack. A kilo of dates contain 3000 calories! So unless you don’t make a meal out of dates, its safe to have a good quantity daily.

3. Boots nervous system – Potassium in the body is an extremely important component that aids an alert brain and nervous system response. Dates contain copious amounts of Potassium which help in maintaining a healthy nervous system. 

4. Helps tackle anemia – Low hemoglobin levels in the blood cause anemia, dates help this condition because of the high levels of iron in them. Anemia patients can thus include dates as a part of their daily diet to get rid of symptoms such as lethargy.

5. Aids constipation and diarrhea –  The soluble fiber content in dates make them a perfect laxative food, thus serving relief from constipation, on the other hand, ripe dates are replete with potassium which helps in controlling diarrhea. 

Though fancy concoctions such as date wine, date muffins and breads can be attractive, consuming them in their raw natural form is the best option. 

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