4 surprising health benefits of Fish oil


Averse to fish oil? These health benefits of fish oil will change your mind.

Fish oil is known for having several benefits. It helps to reduce inflammation and also helps to keep digestion intact. 

health benefits of Fish oil

Here are a few health benefits of fish oil that you were unaware of – 

1. Avoids symptoms of Osteoarthritis – Fish oil contains omega 3 contents which help to reduce or avoid onset of early osteoarthritis. It can reduce the risk of the disease by 50 percent compared to people who eat a regular diet.

2. Health for the heart – Not many might be aware that consuming fish oil provides protection for the heart. Consumption of omega 3 provides protection against adverse cardiac and lipid affect.

3. Slows aging process – In recent times, more and more evidence is being gathered which suggests that that fish oil has the ability to slow down the aging process. Adding salmon to the diet at least twice a week can be a great way to improve intake of omega 3.

4. Improves memory power – People who consume a diet containing less omega 3 fatty acids might suffer from memory loss and are at the risk of aging faster. Adding omega 3 to the daily diet keeps the brain healthy through the years.

Photo Credits: crossfitimpulse