4 incredible skin care benefits of pomegranate


The benefits of pomegranate are insurmountable, especially for skin care.

Pomegranate, also known as the Granada or Chinese apple, has been a symbol of prosperity and abundance across cultures, old and new. The lesser know fact about the ruby-seeded fruit is that since ancient times, it has been known for its beauty and medicinal benefits.

Most of us would gasp in astonishment when told that the exotic fruit’s antioxidant, anti-microbial anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties can actually assist the care you have been showering on your skin. All you have to do is include it in your everyday life.

Skin care benefits Pomegranate


Here is how you can exploit the benefits of pomegranates to conquer a youthful and healthy skin.

1. Hydrates your dry skin: Pomegranates have the amazing capability to protect the outer layer (epidermis) of our skin, aiding in skin cell generation, improved blood circulation, tissue repair and healing wounds. Being an absolute source of vitamin C, the fruit can even beat the much-talked about green tea in revitalizing dull skin.

Many studies suggest that pomegranate seed oil, if applied topically, can reduce the roughness of your skin and help generate new cells. Additionally, the punicic acid present in the fruit helps avoid loss of moisture by the skin.

2. Provides sun protection: The fruit’s sun protective compounds guard your skin against free radical damage (UV rays and pollution), reducing wrinkles, pigmentation and sunburn. The ellagic acid found in pomegranate seed oil acts as a polyphenol antioxidant that may be useful in inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells. However, its cancer fighting role is still under research.

Products derived from pomegranates can also help repair any DNA damage.

3. Manages acne-prone skin: It is oily or combination skin that is more prone to breakouts, and hence, inflammation. The antioxidants in pomegranates help deal with the swelling, take care of minor irritations and reduce scarring.

4. It is anti-aging: Our skin loses its elasticity and firmness as we grow older. The ellagic acid in pomegranates slows down the breakdown of collagen, stimulates collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) and delays the wrinkle forming action.

You will find many pomegranate products–cleansers, oils and packs–in the market that can help you achieve healthy skin through topical application. However, pomegranates are equally, rather more beneficial if eaten daily.


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