Top 4 skin benefits of Coconut oil


Get acquainted with Coconut Oil and its variety of skin benefits. 

Coconut oil is extracted from matured Coconut kernels and has manifold medicinal as well as cosmetic benefits.  It is rich in proteins, vitamin E, anti-ageing agents, lauric acid and saturated fats.

Here are some of coconut oil’s hidden benefits for the skin.

coconut oil skin benifits

1. Skin softener – It is a typical practice to use several creams and lotions to make the skin soft, especially during the winter season when the weather becomes dry. Rubbing coconut oil on hands, face and legs helps in softening of the skin and deep moisturizing. 

2. Removing makeup – Not many are aware that instead of using cleansing milk, coconut oil does wonders while removing makeup. Removing makeup from the eyes can sometimes become a pain in the neck, but coconut oil works like magic and is gentle on the skin, and you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your skin.

3. Cracked lips – Instead of using a lip gel which contains unnatural chemical components, coconut oil can be used as a good alternative for cracked/chapped lips.

4. Skin problems – People who suffer from certain skin disorders like psoriasis, acne and eczema can get relief from coconut oil. Coconut oil has the ability to heal and replace the damaged cells with new cells.

Photo Credits: SheSaidbeauty