3 Romantic destinations in Turkey


Planning an unforgettable honeymoon for you and your partner? Visit these 3 romantic destinations in Turkey with your loved one.

UpdatedTrends.com: Are you a newly married couple and  looking for the best place to have a romantic honeymoon? Then you must travel to Turkey. Turkey is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world to those who wish to explore the rich culture and history of the country located in western Asia and Southeast Europe.

Amazing Turkey

The beautiful landscapes, luxury hotels and the ideal climate makes this place a good honeymoon destination.

Select the right honeymoon Turkey Tour Packages; you can also get tailor-made packages to enjoy your honeymoon in Turkey. You have to ensure the tour packages include best locations which are of interest to you and your partner as each one of you will have different preferences of travelling.

Turkey is a paradise of romanticism. The magnificent coastlines, magical landscapes, beautiful cottages and the exotic places make Turkey undoubtedly the best place to travel with your partner to celebrate the new beginning of your life.

Romantic Destinations in Turkey

1. Istanbul

• Istanbul is largest city of Turkey. It is surrounded by water on three sides.

• The city presents breath-taking scenery as it spreads to more than seven hills, which will enchant you and your partner.

• The natural charm and rich architecture of this city attracts hundreds of tourists.

• This place has lots of museums, mosques, palaces, churches and shopping malls.

• You must not miss the chance of visiting the Topkapi Palace, Basilica underground Cistern, Galata tower, Saint Sophie church among other destinations.

2. Bozcaada Island

• This magnificent Bozcaada island retains original architecture.

• This island is full of beaches, old cobbled streets and castle.

• To make your honeymoon more romantic and memorable you must visit the cute stone houses and if possible stay in one too.

• The castle in this island is a beautiful structure and retains old world glory.

• Take a romantic ferry ride with your partner while you travel to this small and beautiful island.

• You must not miss swimming in the cold Ayazma beach, which is an enriching experience.

3. Antalya

• Antalya is a must visit place with your partner in Turkey. It is a city of cultural and historical relevance.

• The glorious cliffs that overlook a crescent shaped bay circled by mountains makes Antalya a must visit honeymoon destination in Turkey.

• While you are here visit the Antalya museum that has more than 5,000 priceless archaeological artifacts.

• If you and your partner seek some adventure then you must try some adventure activities such as swimming, snorkeling and cruising along the turquoise waters.

Turkey is a great holiday destination especially for honeymooners if you want to relax and soak up a little sun. You can also enjoy adventurous and fun activities here. Tourists to Turkey will find an experience they love when they take a trip to the best destinations in Turkey. Treat your partner and yourself to an adventurous Turkey trip. You require a visa to visit Turkey. Depending on the nationality of the applicant passport holders of different countries can apply for Turkish visa at the Turkish border gate. There are two types of Turkish visas, they are entry visa and transit visa. Time required to issue a visa depends on the nationality of the applicant.

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