Peat Fire Fog Covers The Sky Over Moscow


Updated Trends: Peat Fire Fog Covers The Sky Over Moscow

An acidic fog formed from the ongoing forest fires and a peat fire in the countryside of Moscow has covered the skies of the city, amidst the strong heat wave. The city’s fire fighters have been fire fighting the some 59 fires that have originated outside the city of Moscow, in the countryside.

Peat Fire Fog Covers
The city administration has warned people who are having bronchial and other lungs related problems, to stay indoor. The toxic particles level in the city had risen almost five to eight times the normal norms. There is good news for air travelers as their flights have not been affected by the smog.

Darkness has shrouded the city and specially over the landmarks like the Kremlin. Doctors have insisted the citizens of Moscow to stay indoors and to have their doors and windows closed, and if they are moving outside they should prefer to wear a gauze mask to protect themselves from inhaling the ash in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, temperature in Moscow has reached to 35 degrees, the city is experiencing the most intense heat wave since 1981.