4 ways to lose belly fat for men


Ways for men to deal with belly fat woes.

Its not just women who are constantly harrowed every time they wrap a measuring tape around their waste, men too are equally worried about becoming the undesirable pot-bellied man.

Here are a few ways by which men can reduce their unwanted belly fat.

belly fat

1. Do not overeat: The stomach is like a balloon, the more you eat, the more it swells. Try eating smaller portions at regular intervals, this is known to help keep hunger pangs at bay. Also, if you do end up eating after a really long interval, then make sure to pause for at least 10 minutes before you head for a second serving. This will give your stomach time to digest a little, thus reducing your urge to eat more.

2. Eat as early as possible: Number of studies have shown that people who eat earlier in the day are able to lose 25 percent more weight than those who delay their meals. Follow the old saying – Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

3. Exercise in moderation: To reduce the belly fat, it is not necessary that you need to work out excessively. However, make sure that you do work out at least thrice a week.

4. Avoid junk food: Junk food is one of the main culprits causing belly fat to increase. Not only does it deposit fat around the waistline, but also provides zero nutrition for the body.

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