3 foods that escalate depression


3 food items that can leave you feeling depressed.

Do you ever wonder why you have that nagging sulky feeling and no matter how much comfort food you slap down your tummy, it doesn’t help? It’s probably because of all that food you gobble while sulking! Believe it or not, what you eat has a direct impact on how you feel and certain foods have the knack of spiking your body with depression. depression Here are 3 foods you should stay away from if healthy and happy is what you want to feel – 1. Alcohol – Many people consume alcohol to elevate their mood and get high, but what we don’t realize is that alcohol in medical terms is known as a – central nervous system depressant. The central nervous system is responsible for taking in information through senses, controlling thinking, motor function, understanding and reasoning, alcohol has the ability to slow down all of these functions, leaving the body hapless and depressed. It’s a vicious cycle of being dependent on a substance to make you feel high and then feel depressed. 2. Soda – This beverage maybe your age-old meal companion, but what you don’t realize is that soda’s has twice the amount of sugar than the body’s minimum requirement. All the sugary content in the soda which includes high fructose corn syrup reacts negatively with the Serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is the happy hormone in your body, artificial sweeteners in soda’s like diet coke can cause for its levels to plummet, thus, leaving you depressed and fatigued after that initial sugar rush. 3. Fat -free foods – If you’re the health conscious kind and eating fat free foods is your fad, then think again. Most fat-free foods have extra amounts of sodium in them. Sodium is important for the body to carry out its normal functions, but excessive amounts can leave you feeling bloated and sick. Too much salt leads to fluid retention in the body, thus disrupting your neurological system. So, all that fat free food that made your waistline feel happy, is making your mind feel sad. We are what we eat!  Photo Credits