4 Natural ways to get rid of facial hair


    Natural and healthy ways in which women can rid of facial hair.

    Many women face the problem of facial hair and struggle with several methods like bleaching or waxing, but these methods don’t really help in permanently rooting out facial hair woes. Here are a few ways by which one can easily get rid of facial hair naturally.

    facial hair

    1. Gram flour: During the olden days, gram flour was used to get rid of facial hair, especially around the chin and lips. Many women use gram flour in the form of a face pack. Gram flour also helps to get smooth and flawless skin.

    2. Turmeric: Turmeric not only helps to get glowing skin, but is also helpful in removing unwanted facial hair. Turmeric’s natural anti-bacterial contents help in clearing out the dust and pollution from the skin’s pores.

    3. Gram flour and turmeric: Make a paste of turmeric and gram flour in equal amounts and apply the thick paste on the face leaving it to dry. After 15 to 20 minutes, dip a cloth in cold water and wipe off the face mask. This will not only leave you with glowing skin, but also get rid of all the tiny facial hair.

    4. Eggs: Extract an egg white out of an egg and add half a tablespoon of corn flour and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Make a smooth paste and apply it on the face to the portions which have unwanted hair.

    Photo Credits: Punamrani