5 ways to get rid of frizzy hair during monsoon


    Say goodbye to frizzy hair during the rains with a few simple tips.

    Monsoon is a time when even the softest and straightest hair turns in to a frizzy mess. The condition worsens as the moisture level in the atmosphere rises and makes everyday – a bad hair day. Here are a few ways by which one can easily escape those bad hair days during monsoon.


    1. Head massage: Treat yourself with a good head massage. A good hot oil massage is known to give relief from frizzy hair. Apply warm olive oil and keep it on your hair for around 30 minutes before washing it off.

    2. Dab dry hair: Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel after a hair wash, dab them instead. This process might take a longer time, but turns to be effective during the monsoon. Moreover, use a mild shampoo if you are the kinds to have a hair wash everyday.

    3. Natural conditioner: Mix an egg with small portions of avocado and banana, apply this mixture to the scalp and hair. Rinse off the hair mask after 15 minutes to get amazingly soft hair.

    4. Use a serum regularly: Usage of hair serum makes your look glossy and hydrated, buy a serum which suits your hair best and apply it after every hair wash.

    5. Use Shampoo comb: Monsoon is also a time when you face hair fall problems along with frizzy hair. After a hair wash, use a wide-toothed shampoo comb instead of a fine toothed one.

    Photo Credits: Telegraph India