3 simple ways to maintain your precious diamond jewellery


    Diamonds are considered as the hardest substances on earth. They can be polished and cut with another diamond but a hard blow can cause them to chip. If one is not careful enough in terms of cleaning, the diamonds can be damaged. Here are a few ways which can help maintain your diamond jewellery.


    1. Cleaning: Take a soft brush, soap and water to clean the jewellery. It is not necessary to have a special brush, even an eyebrow or a lipstick brush can be used. Basically the brush has to be soft and smooth. Dip it in soap water for a few minutes and gently brush off the dirt from the jewellery. Rinse and use a strainer to take out excess water. Use a clean cloth to wipe, preferably muslin as it is soft in texture.

    2. Do not wear them for rough work: Remove your diamond jewellery especially when you are doing any harsh work or are going to the gym. While doing household chores, you can often come in to contact with harsh solutions for cleaning, which can damage or discolour the jewellery.

    3. Have your diamond jewellery checked from the jeweler: Like visiting a doctor it is equally important to visit your jeweler to check for lose prongs and worn off mountings.

    Photo Credits: Onsugar