5 easy ways to avoid wastage of paper


    Paper is a very important accessory for any office. Many offices recycle office paper, but there are also many ways by which usage of paper can be reduced. Here are a few ways by which you can avoid wastage of paper.


    1. Reduce the documents: As far as possible reduce the documents to fit to fit two pages in one. You can reduce the font size so that more matter can be covered on a single page and the number of pages can be decreased.

    2. Print on both sides: While printing make sure that you make use of the paper from both sides. Such a measure can be effective for internal documents and drafts.

    3. Use electronic mail as far as possible: As far as possible, use email and voice mail so that the usage of paper can be avoided.

    4. Unsubscribe to unnecessary subscriptions: As far as possible avoid or unsubscribe to certain newsletters, newspapers or magazines which you do not read or can access them online.

    5. Calculate paper waste: Calculate the amount of paper that you use or the company generates. Later you can take measures to avoid wastage of paper. This is known as paper audit which helps you to calculate the usage of paper.

    Photo Credits: Formwrite